Wowpot 5-Reel Online Casino Slot in Review

Wowpot 5-Reel online slots is a Microgaming product featuring three reels and one payline. There is a whopping progressive jackpot for players to work their way towards acquiring, and a great bet range of between 0.5 and 1.5 for them to work with while they do.

Players who enjoy the kinds of offerings Microgaming developers make available for them will have plenty of choice when it comes to which game to start playing at the many online casinos that support their software, and they are urged to take Wowpot 5-Reel online slot for a spin as soon as they can. It combines very easy gameplay with extremely rich rewards, and players can enjoy some good real money fun whenever they take it for a spin.

Design and Layout for Wowpot 5-Reel Online Slots

The extraordinary success that Microgaming’s Wowpot 3-reel game enjoyed led the developers to build on the concept introduced with that game and deliver Wowpot 5-Reel online slots to the fingers of its supporters. It is fun, it is flashy, and it holds a wonderful progressive jackpot for lucky players to enjoy, making full use of all the best aspects of the greatest slots machine games, including classic slots game icons like an assortment of types of eye-catching fruit symbols.

An autoplay function is available for players at to make use of if they wish to when playing Wowpot 5-Reel online slots, and this can be activated by selecting the button labelled expert, located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Features for Wowpot 5-Reel Online Slots Game

Microgaming proves its stellar reputation once again with Wowpot 5-Reel online slots, and the layout for the game is a good one: five reels; 15 paylines; and an array of dazzling colours that will render the experience a visual feast as well as a profitable pastime. The developer’s famed crisp, clean approach to graphics is in evidence, and players will be able to enjoy what is on offer with the greatest of ease.

There is only one coin denomination for Wowpot 5-Reel players to start with, 0.1, and this results in a bet range extending from 0.1 to 1.5, a delight for players who prefer to keep their wagers on the lower side in order to extend the duration of their play. The fact that these miniscule amounts of money will all render the progressive jackpot a potential prize is a huge motivating factor, and players can make their way to this win without having to break the bank while they do.

The logo for this online slots machine game functions as the wild symbol during play, and it is able to stand in for all of the other symbols in use for this online slots machine game excepting the scatter, making up winning combinations of icons for players whenever it appears. It also serves as a multiplier when it forms these combos, and will double the payout the player would have received without it.