The Rise of the Online Bingo Industry Explained

Bingo has been around for as long as what we can remember. It can be recorded as far back as medieval times. But court ladies in hoop dresses were surely not seen in the royal halls yelling ‘Bingo’. It was apparently used as a mathematical teaching tool, to teach maths to those that wished to or could afford to learn this skill. Only in the 20th century was it developed to become the game that we know it to be today.

Online Bingo, New but Fast Growing

At the rate that online bingo or any online gambling for that matter is growing and expanding, it feels almost as if it has been around our entire life. But this simply isn’t true, as the internet in itself only started in August of 1991 and then it was incredibly rudimentary with no online gaming platforms. In September of 1998 Google was created and the world was changed.

Online gaming started to become a thing and online gambling followed. This craze really took off in the early 2000’s as people came to trust the internet banking system more and we started to see more and more people abandoned the gaming halls to gamble in the comfort of their own lounge. Something that is sure to becoming more popular as the years carry on.

A Humble Beginning in 2003

In 2003 the first online bingo games were established. The game itself was already a favourite for many people throughout the world. This was a large factor that the creators relied on for the popularization of the online version of the game. However, technology was not yet at the point where it could smoothly run the game without giving issues to player.

People still preferred going to the bingo halls to play their much-loved game. Not just because of online issues but also because of the fact that there is a sense of community at these gatherings. You could play alongside your friend and catch up on family news as the caller announces the numbers. And of course, there are no ‘untrustworthy’ internet banking systems that will ‘steal your winnings’.

Almost a Decade Later

We skip about 7 seven years to stand in the year 2010. Technology has improved so much that even George Lucas could complete his Star Wars films. The tech was finally here to make online gambling run smoothly. Not only did Bingo online get a boost from this alone, but due to the boost in tech new bingo games could now be created that would rival the lights and attraction of any casino in the world.

Chat rooms were created and placed on the bingo sites and people were given the sense of community that they longed for at the bingo halls. Finally, you could play bingo and chat to your neighbour player as the led screen called out your numbers. All of these attractions then also drew a younger crowd to the game. Almost overnight, new breath was breathed into bingo and it has simply sky rocketed since then.