The Glitziest Casinos in the World Reviewed

As humans we are attracted to the bright lights of the city. Often people can be found gathering on hills and mountains staring down into the evening in front of them that is illuminated by the lights if the cities below. It is a primal attraction that draws us. But you do not need to go to a hill or mountain to view these wonderful shows of light. The world offers us so many casinos where we can indulge our inner need to be overwhelmed by the lights that that they create.

Our Journey Begins at the Cradle

It is fitting that we start this primal journey of the light fantastic, at the heart of all humanity. One of the glitziest casinos in the world is nestled in the womb of all humanity. Sun City Casino is located in South Africa just 2 hours outside of the busy Johannesburg. It is not the biggest casino that the world has to offer or even the most well-known, but this does not take away from the fact that it is incredibly glitzy.

This wonderful destination combines the experience of a casino with a family holiday. Located in a national park, you can take a safari while you are there. After a morning safari you can enjoy the great tidal pool and at night the glamour of casino awaits. It takes us back to a time of etiquette, as men are required to wear a blazer and the ladies need to dress up for the event. Making the experience seem almost other worldly.

Next Stop, Atlantic City

Atlantic City has long been an attraction on its own. The city is home to beautiful beaches and a plethora of entertainment idea. The Caesars Atlantic City Hotel, Casino and Spa Resort is located, smack in the middle of the boardwalk. On the second floor of this incredibly over the top building you can be entertained for 24 hours of the day by the many casino goes that is active, all year round.

The casino is over 145 000 square feet big and should you decide to go out of the gaming area to grab a bite to eat, there are about 15 different restaurants that you can choose from. Filling the need of any appetite that you might have from just about anywhere in the world. Start your morning with an otherworldly spa treatment and end it off in the rooms of the 4-star hotel.

Across Europe to Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands Casino has been an incredible attraction in Singapore almost since the day it was finished. It is Singapore’s most iconic building and boasts the largest roof top area on a building, in the world. The roof top, shaped like an incredibly opulent yacht, features an infinity pool that is one of the biggest highlights of the building, with a sky park that can host almost 4000 people.

If you are not a water lover, you can enjoy the worlds largest atrium casino and choose from over 1 600 slot machines and 500 gaming tables to play. The impressive building is often home to celebrities that can enjoy one of its 2 561 rooms and 74 000 square meter shopping mall. With all of these attractions you almost do not need to visit its museum and science exhibition centre.