Place Bets in New Zealand Online on Live Sporting Events!

One market growing in popularity at online sportsbooks that accept punters from New Zealand is live betting. Markedly different from the other markets, it makes it possible for punters to bet on various sporting events as they happen.

The market offers punters many of the betting options found in regular markets. However, certain types of bets tend to be favoured more than others, and those bets are seldom straight win bets.

Before signing up for live betting at an online sportsbook, punters should check that the sportsbook is of good reputation.

For starters, it should be licensed and regulated. A sportsbook that is unlicensed or without regulation is bad news, as it is operating illegally, and punters will have no recourse if they discover that they have been cheated out of a winning bet.

Sportsbooks should also protect punters by ensuring their banking services are protected by the latest security software, and that punters can made deposits using various payment methods. Punter support should be available for extended periods, if not 24 hours a day.

Live Betting Markets in New Zealand

The live betting markets available to punters in New Zealand generally tend to cover the most popular sports. Not all sporting codes offer live markets, at least not yet.

The most prominent of those available are soccer, football, rugby, and cricket betting online, although golf, AFL premiership and tennis live markets may also be offered on major events.

A number of online sportsbooks that offer such markets also live stream the event, so punters can actually watch the game or match unfold, rather than having to rely only on odds updates or other platforms to find information that could prove valuable.

The Appeal of Live Betting

One of the greatest attractions of live betting for punters in New Zealand is that the odds change constantly. In other markets, all the mental gymnastics happen before the sporting event begins.

When betting on live events, most punters have already thought their bets through, but it doesn’t end there. Changing odds mean punters need to do a lot more thinking on their feet, as it were.

This means punters place new bets as the game unfolds, especially when betting options that initially seemed quite hopeless appear to have a much greater chance of winning.

Live Betting Options

Most online sportsbooks that offer live betting allow punters to place straightforward Win bets as well as various Exotic and other bets. While Win bets remain a popular choice for traditional forms of betting, when it comes to betting on live events, Exotic and other bets rule supreme.

Some of the Exotic bets placed include bets on a cricket player to make a century, a rugby player to score a try, or a soccer team to equalize only moments before the final whistle is blown.

Other bet types that are a regular feature of live betting are Moneyline bets, Totals bets, and Side bets. Punters should remember that, in some live markets, betting options may be limited to Moneyline updates and to Spread bets.