Online NHL Betting Guide for Punters in Canada

Hockey is Canada’s national winter sport and a favourite amongst online sports bettors. The NHL provides an exciting season full of online betting potential and if you are a beginner wanting to start betting on the NHL, you will want to know that your betting is going to produce the most positive results possible.

Betting is risky, it is also entertaining but most of all it is a fun way to win some extra cash. Since the goal is winning real CA$ you won’t want to bet without following these top tips for beginners.

Find Top Online Sportsbooks

Only ever sign up and bet at safe and highly recommended online sports books. It is possible to sign up at more than one site, simply find the best of the best that are Canadian friendly and guaranteed safe and then compare them for the best NHL odds and bonus offers.

The top sites will ensure your personal data is protected, will make sure all winnings are paid out as soon as possible, provide safe and accessible banking options and have the best odds around.

Make Smart Use of Bonus Offers

Like sites for the US punters at, the best online sportsbooks catering to Canadian bettors will offer welcome bonuses and ongoing bonuses. The trusted sites will not have unreasonable requirements to meet with regards to the bonuses but they will have fair requirements so make sure you know what is expected before claiming any.

Bonuses have the power to add great value to your bankroll so make the best use of them but always read through the terms and conditions of any particular bonus you wish to claim.

Understand the NHL Betting Types

The NHL provides a wide betting market with plenty of opportunities to bet on matches, the semi-finalists, finalists and champions. There are also plenty of other types of bets that are more intricate and can include almost any occurrence over the season.

You should know how each bet works before placing money on it because there are multiple options, all with different winning chances and pay outs. When you have a good understanding of the different NHL bets you will be able to find the valuable bets that give you better odds and better pay outs.

If you know how to read the odds or at least have a basic understanding of which bets are the best to place, then you will have greater odds of actually winning real money. There is plenty of information online to help you learn what odds mean and how they work. Research is key for beginners to learn and enjoy a more fruitful experience.

Maintain a Healthy Betting Bankroll

Responsible online wagering can be just as much fun and extremely profitable on small bets so set yourself a betting limit and stick to it. There is no need to bet huge amounts and run into financial troubles when you can place small bets over a longer time period and see some wins rolling in.

Never bet all of your winnings because a loss may occur. In order to maintain a healthy bankroll you should only use a small portion of the winnings for further betting.