Have a Look at Hi-Lo Switch Pro Casino Card Game

HiLo Switch Pro, an extension of NetEnt’s original title HiLo, is a fast-paced card game that tests both a player’s luck and their ability to reckon the odds. HiLo Switch Pro is available online in instant-play and downloadable versions, and players who enjoy card games for fun can enjoy it free, playing for credits only.

Those who prefer to wager for real money will also have no trouble finding the title at reputable online and mobile casinos legally available in their home jurisdiction. Versions calibrated in Euros have a minimum bet of 1 Euro and a maximum bet of 40 Euros, and the prizes for each win vary according to whether the player wins on the Hi or the Lo bet. However, these wins are displayed on the table alongside the bets, so players are always aware of how much they stand to win.

Clear Layout and Simple Format

NetEnt has created a simple green baize card table as the HiLo Switch Pro playing surface, with the usual table markings and accessories. Cards are dealt from a shoe containing a standard 52-card deck, with the Aces designated the lowest-value card and the Kings the highest. The basics of HiLo Switch Pro are the same as those of HiLo.

The player is dealt three cards, and must choose one to bet on. The card they choose will be replaced by the next card dealt out the pack, and the player must decide if that next card is going to be higher or lower than the card the player chooses. The player then places their bet on the Hi or Lo bet space for the card they choose.

Prize Depends on Odds against a Win

This Hi or Lo bet refers to the next card dealt; a player who bets Hi wins if it is higher than the original card chosen, and a player who bets Lo wins if the next card is lower. Wins increase according to the odds against a player winning.

For example, a player who bets Hi on a Jack stands to win a much bigger prize if a Queen or King is dealt next, than a player who bets Lo on a 7 and is then dealt any of the seven cards from A to 6 that could win the bet.

The HiLo Switch Pro Twist

HiLo Switch Pro has an added twist to give the player more options than HiLo. After any deal, if the player doesn’t fancy betting on any one of the three cards dealt, they can hit the Switch button. This replaces all three cards, giving the player new options to assess before betting Hi/Lo. Players can switch cards twice for free before they must make a choice from the three cards on offer.

HiLo Switch Pro also plays very much like the Gamble feature in many titles at https://canadacasinoonline.org/slots. The player can choose to collect a win at any time and then play a new hand with a fresh deal from all 52 cards. Or the player can let a win ride, hoping to win bigger prizes as the odds change with more cards dealt from the pack. After three consecutive wins, the player also gets an extra free Switch option. If the player loses at any point, however, any wins still riding on the deal that have not been collected are forfeited, and the player must bet again for a new deal.