Defining Blackjack Casino Game for Players

The game of Blackjack is played in land based and online casinos across the globe and it’s incredibly popular with players. Blackjack has stood the test of time and evolved over the years and to date, it remains a firm favourite. Its popularity is due by large to the fact that it’s a game that requires skill and strategy and on which a player can influence the outcome. Rather than being a game of luck or chance such as slots or Roulette, players have the opportunity to exercise control over how a hand plays out.

Historical Blackjack Facts

Before it was called Blackjack, it as called vingt et un, which is French for 21. This is because the game originated in French gaming parlours and salons in the 1700’s, and the name Blackjack only came to the form as a nickname in the 1920’s when casinos introduced higher payouts for a hand that equalled exactly 2, or black jack.

The famous emperor Napoleon is said to have enjoyed a game of Blackjack more than any other form of wagering entertainment and was known for his prowess at the card tables.

Blackjack Around the Globe

Blackjack is played in approximately 140 countries across the globe and here are numerous different variants that have been developed in order to keep the game fresh and interesting. Variants of online Blackjack for real money or free are particular popular at internet casinos, with as many as 40 or more different games being offered by leading gaming sites.

Interestingly, Blackjack is a more popular card game than Poker and more players enjoy this card comparing form of entertainment online and in the real world. This may be down to the games fast pace or the fact that its easy to learn how to play, but considering the number of people who enjoy Poker, its no small feat to beat it in the popularity stakes.

Blackjack Basics

The aim of Blackjack is often thought to be only to reach a hand that equals 21 or as close to as possible. This is in fact not the actual aim of the game. The real aim of any Blackjack game is to beat the dealer. The value of 21 is relatively inconsequential, and as long as the player beats the dealer and doesn’t go bust, they will win.

In Blackjack a hand of 20 is considered to the second best outcome, whilst a hand of 16 or 15 is considered the worst. Mathematically, its been proven that in every 100 hands played, the dealer will win 48 hands and the player will win 44. There will also be 8 ties out of every 100 hands played. The reason why the dealer will win more is due to the fact that they play last

Blackjack Titbits

  • Contrary to popular belief, card counting only using your brain isn’t illegal, but casinos across the globe reserve the right to ask players to leave if they think they are counting cards.
  • When playing Blackjack in a land based casino tipping the dealer is the norm and players who don’t do so will be frowned upon.
  • The Blackjack Hall of fame honours authors, experts and pro players who have made contributions to the game.