A Look at Greyhound Racing for Bettors Online

A Look at Greyhound Racing

Australia is undoubtedly one of the world’s hotbeds of greyhound racing. Its 65 courses saw 40 000 races in which more than 300 000 dogs participated in one year alone.

The buzz around the sport doesn’t end with those almost unbelievable numbers. It is also a sport that is known for a huge buy-in on the part of punters, who bet close to AU$4 billion on it annually.

As most punters aren’t content to merely place bets and then forget about them, greyhound racing is also a popular spectator sport in Australia, and important races have become major events on the sporting calendar.

While there is a huge amount of betting that takes place on course, more and more punters have realised that they don’t need to arrive early and stand in queues to place their bets. Instead, they can sign up at online bookmakers, and place their bets using their computers or mobile devices.

Australia’s Important Greyhound Racing Events

Several of Australia’s most important greyhound racing courses are in the state capitals of Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne. However, there are also important courses in Tasmania and Illawarra.

The most famous of all greyhound races is the Melbourne Cup. It has a reputation for being the most lucrative of all the world’s greyhound races.

How Greyhound Racing Took Root

Thus far, no one has managed to uncover exactly when Australia saw its first ever greyhound race. What is known is that the first license for greyhound racing was granted to the Dapto Greyhound Club in Dapto, Illawarra, in 1936.

No doubt, many Australian eSports betting sites punters put their money on the dogs in those early races.

The club was allowed to hold 40 meetings annually, overseen by the Dapto Agricultural and Horticultural Society. The races stopped abruptly in 1942, before resuming in 1944.

Greyhound Racing Bets

Greyhound Racing Bets

The greyhound racing bets offered by online bookmakers like at https://bettingonlinesports.net.au/apps are the same types of bet, punters will find offered at Australian courses. The simplest of all the bet types is the classic win bet, which is placed on one dog to win the race.

The other bet types tend to be a little more complex. Placing them, however, isn’t complex, as all punters need to do is select the relevant bet options from the relevant market at their online bookmaker, much like paying attention with betting sites.

When punters place Accumulator or Parlay bets, they are actually placing a bet combination on a number of races. If the first of their bets wins, the payout will be carried over to the next bet, and if that one wins, the accumulated payout will be carried over again.

When Australian punters place Superfecta greyhound racing bets, they are betting on four dogs to be placed first, second, third, and fourth. Trifecta bets are similar to Superfecta bets, except they are placed on three dogs.

Win-and-Place bets are placed on one dog. If the dog enters the second place, the punter wins only a portion of the bet. However, if the dog wins the race, the punter wins both portions of the bet.

When punters place Quinella bets, they are betting on two dogs to win. As long as either one of those dogs wins, the punter’s bet will be a winning one.

Show bets are placed on a dog to end up in one of the top three positions, while Place bets are put on a dog to either win the race or come second.