A Deeper Look At Juju Jack Online Slot Options

Juju Jack is a slot game from Amaya Gaming, a well known slot developer in the highly competitive slot industry. The Juju Jack online slot is a 25 reel game, offering a total of 25 paylines. As with most other online slot titles, players all have the option of choosing how many of these paylines they want activated for every spin. Players do have the option of changing these settings after each spin, so you always have the option of changing things up a little bit. There is only 1 coin that can be bet per line. Because of this, there is one less element to think about when planning your game strategy.

However, in Juju Jack, players can easily change the actual value of the coins. Because of this, the game is suited to players on various different budget levels. You might prefer to have a long playing session and so make much smaller bets per spin, or you might like to go for the maximum bet on each and every spin. The choice is all yours. The minimum coin size for a spin is 0.1, while the maximum size that can be set comes in at 10 per coin.

Juju Jack Voodoo Slot

The Juju Jack online slot is based, of course, on the voodoo theme. As such, there are certain symbols that one might expect, and these are certainly evident in this slot. Some of the symbols include a coffin, a spell book, a voodoo drum, and a sacrificial chicken. There is also a voodoo doll, and what would a voodoo themed slot be without an alligator. All of these symbols are animated, and come along with the musical soundtrack that forms the basis for this game.

There are 5 game reels in the Juju Jack online slot. This comes with a maximum of 25 paylines than can be activated. There are little arrows next to the Lines button on the game interface, and these can be adjusted up and down to set the number of active paylines for that particular spin. As you adjust the coin value and the number of active paylines, you will see that this effects that value of your total bet.

Juju Jack Slot Paytable

On the far right of the Juju Jack game, you will see a button called the Bet Max. By pressing or selecting this button, you will be setting the absolute maximum bet for the next spin. What this does is it puts you in with a chance to win the main jackpot prize. In order to eligible for the big jackpot, you must make sure that you have placed the biggest bet, and the easiest and best way to do this is with the Bet Max button. For full details about all the game symbols, as well as what the winning combinations are, the easiest thing to do is refer to the paytable that comes along with the game. This can be opened up at any stage while playing Juju Jack, and is a good resource to see what symbols you should try to land as much as possible.