March 2018
the picture on the introduction page shows Meike, daughter of Chienne Noire.
We will be present at the Regionale d'Elevage of the french briard club ABB in Villers-les-Luxeuil FR on 15 April.
at the expo in Vesoul in the intermediair class females, Meike became the first place with a very promessing jugement.
We received the result of the examen for hip dysplasia of Meike-Fauve, it is AA !
the best result possible, we are very glad.....she is also tested CSNB clear.
Meike is the daughter of Int. Multi CH. & Sel. Chienne Noire, her father is Erosll du Clos de Félines.
visit her page for more info, clic on 'bitches'
If you are interesed in  the breed or a futur litter ,  we will gladly tell you more,
do not hesitate and contact us preferably by:  or : 0033 339170019 or 0031 629731519
the parents of our pups are recommended by the breed clubs for the briard,
they are free of hip dysplasia, CSNB, and Ect.Ur, behaviour tested excellent,
pups are born in our house, we give optimal attention and socialization in daily family live to the pups.
we have no kennels, our briards and little one's run free in house and garden.
they will be vaccinated/worming, registered with a chip,
with FCI pedigree, European passport and health certificate they leave our house at the age of 8 weeks.
Are you looking for a guesthouse in the countryside where you are very welcome with your dog(s)?
Click on the picture below to visit the website of "la Tuilerie" guesthouse in France.
October 2017
at the breed special show in Besançon, Maki-Noir obtained the 2 place Excellent in the youth class black males.
Maki is a son of Donna Senna and Gideon-Noir, congratulations to his owner Isabelle Meurville!
September 2017
  Today 19 september we celebrate the 13th birthday of our lovely black champion Vaurienne called Kinki !
July 2017
Jarander obtained the 3th place with excellent jugement at the show in Echt NL,
congratulations to his owners Petra and Chris!
at the show Championnat de France in Metz FR, the 3 place in the intermediair class was taken by Jarander with an Excellent.
Julia obtained at the expo in Mulhouse FR in the intermediate class female: 2 excellent
the result of the examen for hip dysplasia of Jolie Senna is the best possible: AA !
congratulations to the owners :-)
Djinn Noiraud had a date with Lyma Xantha van het Klotzicht,
the pups will be born in the kennel: "de Djinn Noiraud" , owner: Maarten van der Palen.
the expo in Vesoul was a succes for Donna Senna: 1 excellent RCAC
We received the sad message of the owner of Rowan that he has gone to the paradise for dogs after more then 15 years,
Rowan was a fantastic briard with descendants in various countries,
thank you Patricia, for the beautiful live given to Rowan in your family,
a picture of Rowan:
Again a wonderfull jugement on show for Jarander in Groningen NL: 2 Excellent!
Jarander succeded to win the intermediair class males with a excellent jugement,
congratulations to his owner Petra and handler Randy.
we celebrate the 15 birthday !!! of Rowan, he is still in good condition, congratulations to his owner Patricia !
a lovely and sunny day at the reunion, we enjoyed to see everyone and the briards again,
thanks for coming, it was super !
visit the new pages, look by 'studs',  of these 2 lovely boys:
Heartbreaker ( Int. multi CH - Sel. Chienne Noire vd Boksenberg x Don Aurore vd Boksenberg)
owner: Nadine Kaiser
Jarander Fauve ( Evershining Black vd Boksenberg x Int. CH - Sel. Eastland Fauve de Passionedan)
owner: Petra and Chris Mulder
at the Winnershow in Amsterdam NL in the youth class females obtained Jolie Senna super results:
Youth Winner and Winner, she is now Youth Champion NL and qualified for the Crufts
at the Kerstshow in Wychen NL the youthclass males was won by Jarander: 1 Excellent
Congratulations to the owners !
we come together at the location you well known, if you want to come and don not know where,
send a sms message to telnr: 0031629731519 mention your name and 'reunion'
we send you the address on time,
we look forward to see you all with the briards !
the results of the examen for hip dysplasia of Jarander are super good:
HD-AA, the best possible result! and also CSNB clear.
congratulations to his owners Petra and Chris!
Jolie Senna was present on the 2 days Dogshow in Bleiswijk NL, her showresults:
1 Excellent, CAC and best female, and on the second day:
1 Excellent, CAC, best female and best in breed BOB
congratulations to her owner Marije!
Gideon Noir obtained a excellent result at the National Selection in Pont de Veyle FR.
in Erstein DL on the contest CACIT - IPO III, the team Christopher and his black male Giovanni obtained the 7th place,
an excellent result, congratulations !
click on the link below to see pictures of Giovanni at work:
The reunion/meeting on 5-7 was a happy meeting, the briards had a lot of fun in playing in the water and
and then relaxing on a terrace with owners and briards was a real party, thanks everyone for being there!
Djinn obtained in the championclass at the expo UEBB in Hungary the second place Excellent.
Lizzy became best puppy at the clubmatch BVN NL
Jazz obtained an excellent jugement and 3 place in the youth class females at the show in Dijon FR.
congratulations to their owners with these excellent results :-)
Djinn Noiraud had a 'love romance' with the swedish lady Gullan-Grym,
she will have pups in the kennel "Anamma Nord" , owner Marie Tarin.
Haertbreaker was on show in Kassel DL, in the open class tawny males he obtained the second place Excellent,
together with his master Nadine he also obtained the certificate Begleithundeprüfung DL, congratulations !
Irma was present at the briardspecial show in Avignon FR, she obtained the first place in the youthclass, best Youngster !
congratulations to Thierry and Cathy,
Teun and his master obtained the certificate Obedience 1 - Congratulations !!
Master and dog very statisfied, said Christopher, Giovanni has passed for the certificate Campagne 1 mentioned Excellent !
Jazz was present on show in Metz FR for the first time, she is juged "very promising" in the puppyclass
Giovanni and his master Christopher have been very succesful at the competition IPO II in Vendenheim France,
they obtained 255 points, congratultions ! well done,
this superteam will participate at a working contest in Bantzenheim FR on 9 November.
We had a very  nice weekend at the National Selection in France, our results:
youth class female tawny: Irma passed the test CANT and Excellent jugement
open class female black: Huyen became Selection
open class female tawny: Fata Morgana - Excellent + behaviour test passed
Donna Senna - Excellent Ring Selection + behaviour test passed
Djinn Noiraud became best champion in the champion class black males
his descendants were placed as best in the baby classes.
At the international show in Dijon FR, we obtained in the openclass female tawny:
Donna Senna - 1 Excellent - CAC - CACIB - BOB (best of breed)
juge was mme. Mach.
Djinn Noiraud had a date with the black lady Jobedi, owner Manfred Busch,
we hope she will have pups in the kennel "von der Buschrauber" in Germany.
Iona became Youth Champion of Belgium, congratulations to her owner Lisa !
this wonderfull team also works to obtaine the working brevet and practice agility with excellent results,
Irma won the youthclass females and became best of breed BOB on show in Pierrelatte France,
Congratulations Thierry and Cathy !
2 new championships, congratulations to the owners !!
Djinn Noiraud was already dutch, german, belgium, luxemburg and international champion,  
now he succeded to obtain the title of French Champion,
besides his extraordinary succes on shows, Djinn is a treasure of a briard with a very pleasant character
and beautiful black coat.
this can not be done without the enthusiasm and passion for the briard of the owner, therefore THXS !!!
Same for the beautiful young female Huyen, she obtained at the age 27 months already the title of Dutch Champion,
Huyen obtained also the dutch Selection and behaviour test, congratulations !!
Iona won the youthclass females tawny with excellent results, in Genk Belgium, well done Lisa !
Teun has passed the exam obedience EG2 with his master Peter, well done, looking forward for the next results !
click HERE to see a picture of Teun