In 1977 a certain dog was introduced to our household, the longhaired French shepherd also known as the Briard.
The Briard was chosen because of its characteristics, a strong healthy breed, fantastic appearance and a good nature. Needles to say, more than one dog came to reside
at the Boksenberg and today many paws walk the gardens.
We work on many different levels with these intelligent animals, such as behavioural- and obedience training 1,2 and 3 and stamina training by aid of cycling. Besides
excelling in these areas Briards are also experts in Fly ball and Agility training, provided they are shown how !
At shows we have received both national and international recognition for our dogs.
Searching for more knowledge about dogs we studied the science of canines, mobility and also appearance.
We support with a membership several Briard Clubs in Europe.
Because of our passion for the breed, we occasionally have a litter, We choose the parents with a lot of care, behaviour en health are most important.
We have no kennels, our briards and pups are free in the house and garden, We give special attention and socialization to puppies born in our house.
►read the news to inform if there are pups available.
Once you choose this breed, the word dog will only mean Briard.
If you are interested in these magnificent dogs, feel free to contact us, we will gladly tell you more.......